good day.  its been a little bit since i sat down + put some words on paper.  there is a good reason for that.  we got a puppy.  it’s been a long time coming for this house.  our/my previous pup chipper passed away in fall of 2020 + it was tough on everyone.  he had been with me before any of the girls graced my life.  he was a friend, a confidant, a founding member of pencil + ink, but most importantly he epitomized GOD, spelled backwards.

our daughters had never known a day in their life without a dog around + that year plus of no dog was starting to feel….odd.  so we made a list of what was important to us.  a rescue, a beagle, + if it worked out a puppy.  well as it turns out the saying is true, if you want to hear God laugh tell him your plan….in this case He gave more of a wry smile + a good chuckle, i think.  fast forward to right after christmas + the newest member of our family was born to a sweet rescue pup here in georgia, ironically right over the river.  we went thru the process of applying, selecting + finally adopting this adorable hound dog.  he was a unanimous pick of every girl in the family + they could not have been more right.

he came home to us a few weeks back + he’s already picked right up where chipper left off.  lotta playful, whole lotta love + more snuggles, wiggles + waggles than should be allowed in one animal.  we are all settling in to our journey together.  he’s capable of handling the shrieks, the power tools, the giggles + most importantly for me…the coffee maker.  

our home, our studio, our family is back to full strength again + we are all excited for this next round of snuggles, sniffs + surprises!