too much

too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing.  the past two years have revealed many things that were ignored for far too long.  in my opinion the ‘too much’ disease was one of those things.  everyone has things they like, things they love, things that bring them joy.  any one of those things in moderation is great.  you enjoy yard work? great get out there + enjoy it!  when yard work becomes 100% of every day, you’ve not taken a passion + made it your whole life.  when that happens in any facet of our life then we start to miss the bigger picture.  having a favorite show, attending a concert, going to a ball game, enjoying dinner out at your favorite restaurant, a favorite candy, a workout routine.  none of those things are bad in any way, when they become all you do then it’s too much.  there doesn’t have to be scheduled breaks or dead times, but there does need to be time to stop, to re-charge, to just be a person.  rushing from one meeting, marketing event, church event, school event + never actually sitting down to eat dinner with your family….too much.

as an architect, this too much follows over to the professional world as well.  accent walls, trim, colors, patterns are used to draw attention to areas of the spaces we all inhabit, however it is no longer an accent if it covers every wall + every surface.  it has become ‘too much’.  just like in life, our buildings, outdoor spaces, rooms…they can become too much by taking what we like + doing it to the point that it no longer is special or meaningful. 

let’s all take a look, see what we enjoy + filter it thru the ‘too much’ filter.  see if it is something that we have taken from an simple accent or a hobby, to something that has become our everything.  if it has, it’s never too late to step back + say “that’s just too much!”.