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the mission of pencil + ink creative is to help reimagine the spaces in your life so they look + feel more like a reflection of you.

pencil + ink creative is passionate about design solutions big + small, that elevate any area from mundane to inspiring. come to us for unique ideas that transform any space where you live, create + play. whether you are in a new place, want your spot to feel refreshed or bit more inviting, let us see what we can do to warm up the spaces in your life. let us help you discover avenues that lead to an everyday life that is more fulfilling.

whether it be a need for a solid plan, or the assistance to see it through,
this is what we love to do every day.

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mary catherine jennings

creative lead, designer

throughout her life, “mc” has been honing her creative problem solving skills in both the professional workplace + most recently as mom to two bright, energetic, fun little girls

with a degree in visual communications from the college of journalism + mass communications at the university of south carolina, she is a digital designer, brand manager, avid gardener + passionate home warmer-upper. happiest when outside, around the garden, loves a good rain, baking + friday nights spent cozy at home. aims to live everyday as a holiday + savor every meal as a picnic. enjoys daydreaming about travel particularly returning to italy, the pacific northwest + the great smoky mountains

@ | mc@pencilandinkcreative.com

ryan jennings

professional architect by day, head of logistics by night, + resident handy-man

from a young age, ryan always knew he would be a designer. now head of a house full of girls, he is a master problem solver + creative thinker in every situation. ryan enjoys the things that are made better with time– smoked meat on the grill, a hand-crafted beverage + a good project. finds joy in all the little things. fueled by coffee.

@ | ryan@pencilandinkcreative.com