sweet + inviting

coffee.  yes, again.  it’s a constant here at pencil + ink.  it pre-dates our business + will be apart of our lives long after business is a care of our minds.

we’ve tried many different beans, brews, + services in recent years.  lately we’ve been using a service that helps curate small + medium sized roasters all over the country.  sitting here going over the past dozen or so bags we’ve gotten, something struck me in the descriptions.  two words jumped out: sweet + inviting.  

sweet.  first, the only way coffee gets consumed in this studio is straight black.  not a hint of sugar or milk.  to see this word made me stop + think about it.  coffee beans are naturally sweet.  no, not the sugar type of sweet, but an earthy, natural first bite of an apple sweet.  that’s the first notes + the lingering after taste.  a good bean doesn’t need help, just a chance to release the sweetness it’s been holding in, ready to come out in the brew.

inviting. yes–beans that are freshly ground, brewed with hot water + their resulting aroma, rising with wisps of steam–that is inviting enough. even more inviting, is the cup that you sip from + hold in your hand partly to feel that steam + hold that warmth, but more importantly, to take a second sip before sitting it down. it presents a moment worth slowing down for, even if only for a moment.  an inviting cup not only summons you to drink a little more, but it invites you to linger, to think, to plan, to sketch, to be intentional.  

sweet + inviting.  that’s our current flavor.  what’s yours?  every season will be different but here’s to hoping whatever describes your cup helps define even a small part of your day + the intention for it.  

ryan's coffee mug was sitting here