it’s october. to many that means pumpkins, halloween, leaves, + football. to me, that has always meant baseball, more specifically, playoff baseball. now what does this have to do with design or even architecture you ask? for many it means absolutely nothing. for a boy that grew up loving the game + every aspect of it, this season means everything.

the game of baseball at surface level can be many things to many people. i have always appreciated the intricate parts of the sport; the strategy, angles, anticipation, preparation + snap decisions. as i grew older i was fascinated by the ballpark’s design, especially the cathedrals of america’s pastime that were torn down, replaced with faceless cookie cutters + then reimagined as city centers (more on that in snippets to come).

luckily, as an atlanta braves fan, most of my youth was spent enjoying the late fall + baseball bliss late into the evenings. for the first time in many years this is again a reality. so, as some late hours are the reality of design, this chance to watch my team extend into the wee hours is a rare + cherished opportunity. as the design ideas flow, if there happens to be a hit + run to win the game i’ll be happily here with my late night coffee to take it in.