a blank sheet of paper, a piece of wood, a napkin, chalkboard, or even a piece of glass. that’s how it always starts. an idea that becomes a tangible drawing on whatever flat (or semi-flat) surface is handy. a pencil, a pen, crayon, piece of chalk. the method to the madness is less about what does the drawing or what it is drawn on, but that it is drawn at all. it’s a moment where possibilities are endless + decisions are easy. the initial idea has potential that final drawings never will have.

the key is to START + put something down. nothing can evolve or change until its started. every building, every piece of furniture or tangible creation starts with a sketch. in the studio they tend to be at the most spontaneous of times with often the most random of beginnings. mine tend to be coffee fueled in the morning + let’s be honest, late in the evenings as well.

what idea is begging to start with a sketch for you today?