first cup

good day!  welcome to the studio.  this is the place to come for random musings from the resident architect, tinkerer + coffee drinker.

as we get started in this dream of ours to make intentional design a part of the fabric of life in our little corner of the world, this is a way for me to put some thoughts on paper + document our journey.  my experience ranges from professional architect to helping my grandfather fix most anything as a child (or in his words, fix it so good no one else can).  my goal is to help share a little of what makes my world tick in the hopes that it can help you in some way.

stop by for some thoughts on design, construction, what coffee is brewing, what tunes we’re playing + sometimes, what meats we’ve got smoking/grilling.  i look forward to seeing where this goes + sharing the journey as it happens!

– ryan