Last summer, in a nostalgic moment we bought a few seed packets from the grocery store. I remember doing that with my mom as a girl!

We got home + a few days later, scouted out the spot where we would plant the garden for our pollinator friends.

It didn’t take very much. A little raking, a few handfuls of weeds later + we were sprinkling the seeds. They quickly emerged from the soil + bloomed beautifully through the first hard freeze that came on October 31.

The friends + family that came to our backyard were amazed by their vibrant colors, height + sheer mass, all out of a little packet!

I want to tell you, you can do this too! Take your kids to pick out the seeds + they will be invested quickly. They will want to help you rake, weed + water, if they get to make the selection. I suggest for those who have an indecisive crew, let them choose from a selection of 3-5 varieties. This way you will end up with flowers you don’t mind seeing. Don’t forget, sunflowers, while popular grow very tall + are best along a fence or wall. They are excellent for building a sunflower hut in the summer. Check out this book from your local library or perhaps on Bookflix sometime.

You’ll feel great when you have a patch of pretties to attract the oh so needed bees, butterflies, + hummingbirds. When these elusive birds come to your yard, it is pure magic. They are unlike any other visitor + always lift our spirits! Once they find food they often come back to it, so you’ll be hooked on helping out these incredible animals that are so helpful in our gardens + our world!

Happy gardening, y’all!

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